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Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Dan O’Leary at Honey Valley Beekeeping will come and collect honey bee swarms in northern Walworth and southern Waukesha counties.

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Honey Valley Beekeeping

East Troy, WI

Dan O’Leary



The Honey Valley Beekeeping Approach

The Fields

Carefully selected, organic and biodynamic bee yards. Quality and sufficient pasture for nectar and pollen. Currently 5 unique yard locations throughout Walworth County.

The Bees

Bees are carefully managed and propagated from existing hives. Most hives carry over from year to year without need to supplement with purchased stock.

The Methods

Focus is on the health of the bee without relying on artificial pollens, feeding, medications or chemicals. Enough honey is left for bees to last over winter.

The Honey

Beautiful and bursting with flavor. Local and organically produced honey. This is the art of Wisconsin beekeeping and honey.

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wisconsin beekeeping and honey
wisconsin beekeeping and honey
wisconsin beekeeping and honey
wisconsin beekeeping and honey
“Beekeeping, to me is like a meditation…the calmness of the bee yard.”
Dan O'Leary

Beekeeper, Honey Valley Beekeeping

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